Different Ways Your Business Can Help The Environment

Daily human activity and technological advances made every day has made global temperatures rise to levels that are slowly becoming harmful to the environment. Worldwide issues such as global warming and sea pollution are being tackled on a daily basis, from charities and research, to implementations by businesses to cut down on resources to help the environment.

Researchers from Swansea University in Wales found a new method for removing toxic chemicals from water, i.e., a new machine nicknamed the Matrix Assembly Cluster Source (MACS). Simultaneously, Keltbray (an engineering company based in the UK) incorporated a new type of concrete that ‘reduces the carbon emissions associated with normal Portland cement’ as well has having a ‘lower embodied energy’ – in short – environmentally-friendly concrete!

These two things are simply touching the surface of what transpires around the world. The question is, how can you be a part of the solution? Right now, more businesses across the world are making efforts to become more eco-friendly through creative and innovative business decisions. Here are some ideas that your business too can execute, to help the environment:

Review your equipment: Are you using resources that can be considered environmentally-friendly?

Making your office greener is a wonderful way for your business to becoming more eco-friendly. But where could you start? Luckily, there are a ton of different and cost-effective ways for your business to start doing this right away! 

For instance, changing your printing paper to recycled papers, as paper is considered one of the biggest wastes in many businesses across the globe. Simply changing to recycled paper can ensure your business is environmentally friendly. Your business can take further steps with your existing resources, by changing your regular electrical equipment such as lights and light bulbs, into eco-friendly alternatives such as LED lights.

Other means of helping the environment can include adding items within offices that reduce energy consumption at a significant rate, or even simply adding office plants. A better environment, as well as a better look!

Implement a "bike to work" scheme

Car pollution is a recurring problem in a rapidly evolving, technological world, where we are constantly finding new ways to innovate transportation.

Cars, trucks and other means to transport from A to B are possibly the single largest contributor to air pollution in the United States alone. Hence, alternative forms of transportation that decrease the amount of chemical harm in the environment should be strongly considered.

That’s why riding a bike to work should be a strong option! Bike commuting helps not only your employee’s health and wellbeing, but also the environment, with cycling creating less smoke, less resources to make, and avoid traffic.

Emphasise recycling around your office!

Reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Nowadays, most buildings - be it from schools or workplaces, have recycling cans to encourage people to recycle their unwanted items. It is fundamental for businesses to incorporate this type of scheme in their offices as conserving natural resources are finite, and recycling them can tremendously help the environment in different ways.

If your office already has recycling cans to throw your plastic, metal, what have you, that’s great! Make sure to emphasise recycling in the building, though. So that means putting up signs and posters for recycling, having recycling cans in each room etc.  

Donate or contribute to an environmental charity

Most companies either directly donate to a charity of their choice or contribute to it somehow by joining with a charity and advertising them on their site. Not only are you helping the charity itself, but your business is also showing a compassionate side that a lot of people highly appreciate and respect.

In this sense, choosing to donate to an environmental charity will benefit the planet in different ways! Depending on the type of charity you choose if you do so, of course.

Look into "Green Web Hosting"

Green web hosting involves web hosting that utilises green technology, reducing any major environmental impact from the use of the traditional equipment for internet hosting. This may involve equipment that utilise naturally occurring resources such as the sunlight, wind, or even water.

Because the use of the web will exponentially increase throughout the years (high probability, we may as well try to lessen the environmental risks of using them.

82 Westmorland Street's Energy Retrofit Project

82 Westmorland has begun its own energy retrofit project. We have taken the lead into creating an eco-friendly building to help establish not only an efficient building that creates a positive working environment for a lot of companies, saves money utility bills and a modern-looking interior, but also a sustainable building that will help the environment, community and the planet in the long run!

To find out more about our exciting project, click here!

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What you’re about to read can turn what might be the most boring, crappiest part of your workday into one of the better parts of your work week. Here it is: get out of your vehicle and the annoying traffic and onto a bike.

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